School Improvement

School improvement and our self-evaluation is driven forwards through three key domains: 


Transdisciplinarity & Learning 

Professional Practice.  

All three domains are ensuring HPS continues to explore and embed creative, outcome-orientated educational excellence. 


For 2022-2024, both our self-evaluation and School improvement are guided by inclusive inquiry questions [see below].

The Leadership Team ensure that moral purposeprofessional learningwellbeing of staff and students and quality assurance processes support an environment for creative and enjoyable learning and a workplace that is professional, mindful and caring.  

  • How could a Distributed Leadership approach further improve and innovate transdisciplinary working? 

Leadership through moral purpose 

Is HPS’s ‘purpose’ still relevant? 

Do we have the right values? 

How could our leadership structure develop and evolve to further promote an exciting positive culture of self-improvement? 

What could leadership progression pathways look like? 

How could a distributed leadership structure further promote social justice? 

What elements of our practice do / could / should we share externally?   

Professional learning 

What needs to be in place in order to offer time/resources/training to all staff so they are able to review/reflect/research their own CPD? 

What do we want/need a collaborative culture of professional learning to look like? 

Quality, assurance and standards 

How does our internal governance / quality assurance facilitate accountability of aspirational standards for staff and learners? 

How do we ensure that staff and trustees have access to the knowledge and skills required to make the decisions within their role? 

Health, wellbeing and safety 

Does the environment promote a positive wellbeing for all? 

How do we further build and develop our strategies to continue facilitating a positive wellbeing culture? 

Transdisciplinarity and learning across the School is underpinned by a culture of reflection and continuing development of the best climate for learning for the range of pupils’ needs.  Staff are skilled in using a variety of meaningful and relevant practice approaches and understanding effective learning behaviours

  • How can understanding SEND antegogy, pedagogy and andragogy further improve appropriate practice and learning experiences? 

Climate for learning 

What do we want / expect a positive climate for learning to look like at HPS? 

How does opening opportunities for staff skill development in specialist areas develop our positive learning climate? 

Do staff understand the impact that the learning environment has on pupil’s learning? 

Are we using the spaces within the School to their full potential? 

Culture of reflection 

Is their enough time for reflection? 

How does our reflective practice evolve into an innovative culture which further identifies and removes barriers to learning? 

Effective learning behaviours 

How do we ensure learners effectively assimilate / generalise learning into other settings and situations which are functional to them?  

How does empowering staff to have ownership of their development create a culture of effective continual professional learning? 

Practice approaches 

How do we enable /inform parents and carers what practice methods / behaviour strategies help their child / YP to learn?  

How does our inclusive approach facilitate opportunities for individual learning to maximise each Child’s potential? 

Do staff feel empowered in their role to be creative? 

Professional practice is ensuring that we engage with all key stakeholders on a regular basis, engage with evidence-based research, principled assessment and curriculum design that is appropriate and under continual review to meet all aspects of pupils’ personal needs. 

  • What inclusive and equitable changes would further develop areas of professional practice? 

Engagement with stakeholders 

How could proactive collaboration with stakeholders further enhance inclusive practice and learning? 

Engaging with evidence and research 

Do we have a culture of inquiry / questioning? 

What actions do we need to take to support staff engagement in research? 

What are our expectations of / would a collaborative research and evidence-based culture for HPSS look like? 

Do we research alongside other providers with reference to technology advances?   

Principled assessment 

How do we ensure assessments fulfil the purpose, intentions and values of HPS? 

Are there any other assessment tools that would be valuable and demonstrate impactful ‘learning’? 

Principled curriculum design 

How do we know that our curriculum intent and implementation have appropriate impacts on our learners? 

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