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Performance Tables and Assessment Results

Pupil Progress

'Pupils' achievement is outstanding.  The skills they master in communication, physical development and in social and personal development often astound their parents and are a source of great joy.'  Ofsted 2015

In general schools are expected to publish their Key Stage and exam results.


For Special School Academies this is modified as ‘these schools should publish their Key Stage assessment data and information about access to the performance tables on line where appropriate’.


Since our pupils do not take the Key Stage tests and GCSE exams the tables do not provide relevant information.  The link to School Performance Tables is however:



Currently the Academy has to submit school ‘P’ scale data to the DfE annually.


This is due to change in 2019/2020 following a national review.  We will keep parents/carers informed on how this affects the assessment process as soon as the results of this review are confirmed.

Please refer to the downloads section on the right of this page.


This explains the schools approach and gives examples of how we go about using assessment information.

Summary of 2018-2019

P Level assessment is benchmarked against CASPA (this is a national; data base).


In relation to this benchmarking the majority of pupils reached expected attainment or higher.


As per our stated approach we identified pupils 'not achieving as expected' and then gathered contextual information.


There were 26 pupils including one LaC pupil in this category as follows:-

P1 – 3

7 pupils reached Teacher Predicted target

5 pupils reached Teacher Challenge target

2 exceeded Teacher Challenge target

In addition, 8 of above pupils also made progress in DUNST/PVCs

P3 – 4

1 pupil reached Teacher Predicted target

2 pupils exceeded Teacher Challenge target

P4 – 6

1 pupil met Teacher Predicted target with some Challenge targets met and progress made in PVCs

P5 – 8                  

1 pupil made no progress in P Levels however achieved 6 IEP objectives

1 pupil reached Teacher predicted target in 8 out of 9 strands and 2 Teacher Challenge targets

P6 – 8

2 pupils met Teacher Predicted targets

2 pupils met targets and some challenge

In addition, 2 of above pupils also made progress in attention

P8 – NC 1C         

2 pupils made Teacher predicted targets in 7 out of 9 strands

1 of which reached Teacher Challenge targets in 4 strands


Note – P4 – 8+ pupils – look at functional numeracy/literacy. PSHE focus – social/self help skills


'Assessments of pupils' needs are very thorough.  They are used to make precise plans which promote learning and progress extremely effectively.'  Ofsted 2015