• Hydropool

Hydrotherapy Pool & Facilities

The School has a purpose built hydrotherapy pool with tracking hoists to assist pupils with severe physical needs in and out of the pool. 

Hydrotherapy is a water based treatment where the warm water relaxes tight muscle groups and eases stiff joints.

Hydrotherapy is also fun and gives pupils a freedom of movement only experienced in the hydrotherapy pool as well as the social interaction facilitated by close face to face contact.

A Trust Committee raised funds to build the hydrotherapy pool through the support of local people.  The pool is managed by the Trust.

Brian Marsh receiving his BEM

Betty Marsh receiving her BEM

The purpose of the pool is to offer therapy both to those pupils attending Humberston Park School and individuals within the community who have a severe physical impairment and/or a medical condition.

Times can be booked in the evenings and weekends to join a session;  this is available to anyone who meets the criteria for the use of the pool. The use of the pool is 'free' at present due to donations raised and recieved to support the managemant and maintenance of the facilities.

Please ring Evie Holgarth on 01472 590645 after 3.30pm or email holgethe@hpark.org.uk

Charity Number 1016519