• The boys

Services we provide

'The state-of-the-art resources for physiotherapy and speech and language therapy have an excellent impact on pupils' health, physical development and communication, opening the way for them to engage fully in learning.'  Ofsted


Full week/full year access to local Health and Fitness Centre.  (The School leases this facility 5 days a week for sole use of adapted gym equipment, dance and Wi-Fi fitness suites, snack bar, ICT room and changing areas).

Specialist services

'The deep insights teachers and their assistants have of pupils' needs are supported very substantially by the contributions to assessment, planning and training of the academy's physiotherapy and speech and language specialists.' Ofsted 

  • A full time highly-specialised Physiotherapist and team of MOVE practitioners.
  • A complex-health Nurse.
  • Trained sleep Counsellors (for children with sleep disorders and poor sleep patterns).
  • Staff teams with accredited training on Autistic, MOVE (Mobility via Education – we are an accredited regional centre), lifting and manual handling, communication and behavioural difficulties and continence.
  • Consultant Paediatrician and Speech and Language Therapist.
  • Orthotics and wheelchair clinics are also held at the School

Classes and staff teams

  • The general ratio (pupil to staff) is 2:1 but Education and Therapy sessions are organised into small groups and on a 1:1 basis.
  • Each class group has a teacher as the Team's Leader and a set team of Teaching Assistants.
  • The school is organised into a Lower (Early Years and Primary) and Upper Phase (Secondary and 16-19). 
  • Humberston Park has School-wide support teams for Autism, Physical Disability, Safeguarding, Visual Impairments, Hearing Impairments, Music and Communication. 
  • Where required, the School can support pupils in their homes e.g. where a child has recurring health problems or is in post-operative recovery.
  • The School also offers home visits to advise and support on communication and behaviour, children’s sleep problems, continence issues as well as physical management and postural problems.

In addition the School has a well established daily programme where other specialists provide:

  • Music sessions for all abilities (including singing lessons)
  • Drumming and percussion sessions
  • Dance classes

'Pupils thrive in this outstandingly supportive environment and receive expert care to promote well-being.  Parents are delighted with their children's progress and say their children feel completely safe at Humberston Park.  Ofsted