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What types of Special Educational Needs does Humberston Park School aim to meet?

The School provides Early Years, primary, secondary and 16-19 provision for pupils with severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties and disabilities.  The age range is 3-19 years. 

The school day is 9.00am - 3.00pm.

Severe Learning Impairments




They may have:

  • Developmental difficulties
  • Delay or disorders / conditions relative to  communication, attention and learning to learn skills
  • Many will have other identified conditions e.g. Autism, Visual Impairment or Hearing Impairment

Profound and Multiple Learning Impairments


They may have:

  • Physical Disabilities
  • Many will have other complex medical, physical and sensory conditions

In addition, it is common for these children to have other difficulties which make learning even harder and seriously affect their wellbeing.

These might include:

  • Poor posture and poor muscle tone
  • Sleep disorders and sleep deprivation
  • Recurring discomfort and pain
  • Eating and drinking issues
  • Behavioural problems

A lot of children are identified as having Special Educational Needs and Disabilities [SEND] at some point in their lives.  These are often moderate or can be temporary difficulties where modifications in education resources or strategies will help.

This can often be provided for in mainstream schools or pre-school services.

A child appropriately placed at Humberston Park School would have severe and longer lasting difficulties.  Their therapeutic and care needs have to be addressed by a transdisciplinary approach alongside personalised educational programmes.

The School recognises that there are some very young children who are extremely vulnerable to premature failure in the education system, where despite everyone’s best endeavours in Pre-School and Early Years settings, the child is falling behind and finding it hard to cope.  In these cases, the child could be assessed for full-time placement at Humberston Park School or offered a placement for the purposes of assessment shared with a Pre-School service.  This can enable parents to have a clear picture about their child’s needs.

Where children make significant progress the School will support inclusion programmes into mainstream schools.

Humberston Park School is not affiliated with any particular religious denomination; parents can exercise the right to withdraw their child from all or part of any religious education sessions or collective acts of worship.