Project - 'MOVEment for Learning and Life'

We are seeking £45,000 funding for our project ‘MOVEment for Learning and Life’.  Funding this project is essential because it will enable us to provide specialist postural equipment to support our pupils movement across sitting, standing and walking helping each child achieve their development goals whether this is; being able to sit at the dinner table with the family or walk and explore the park. This equipment opens up opportunities and freedoms for each child to play, learn and be the best they can be.  (Case studies are available on request.)  We currently have 43 pupils in our school with a physical disability and in need of specialist equipment not all pupils need new equipment every year but it is an ongoing programme as pupils grow and their needs change.  Each piece of specialist equipment ranges between £2, 000 and £3,000.


The school is funded for 190 days like offer schools, but we receive no funding for equipment, the money comes directly from our school budget and the school is unable to fully fund this equipment on an ongoing basis. 


I am in the process of contacting several Grant Making Trusts in the hope that together we can reach the target.