Project - 'Within Between Beyond'

We are seeking funding for our upcoming project, Within-Between-Beyond, which centres on an innovative and unique extended school year. This project originally started 2009 and each year we have built on the success of the previous year.  In our preliminary research, we discovered how much our pupils regressed during the long summer holiday period and that families struggled with their child at home due to behaviours and parents’ basic need for respite.  With no respite available in the local area, there was a requirement for a specialist provision delivered by very highly-trained staff, to be developed, over the normal August school closure period. 


Funding this project is essential because the provision offers continuity and consistency of routine which is really important to pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.  Therapy interventions can also continue; this includes Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy. The provision also supports parents/carers in meeting the complex needs of their son/daughter.  We are seeking £255,183 in total funding.   


This financial support will allow us to fully staff the project, provide cooked meals for all pupils who would receive a free school meal during term time, and enable all pupils to be transported into school on specially adapted vehicles.  I am in the process of contacting several Grant Making Trusts in the hope that together we can reach the target.